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June Employee of the Month: Ben Cao

Ben is a junior at UW-Madison from Mooresville, North Carolina, studying Economics with a minor in Political Science, intending to attend law school once he graduates. As EcoWash’s Division Manager in Madison, Ben has excelled in client relations and sales, setting the company record for weekly sales at $20,848 in June and generating over $70,000 in revenue at the time of writing.

Ben Cao EcoWash
Ben Cao- EcoWash DM- Madison

Here is our brief interview with Ben about his experience so far at EcoWash:

What made you choose to work at EcoWash?

I chose to work at EcoWash because I wanted a summer internship that would give me the freedom to exceed expectations and make an impact. The division manager internship offered the perfect blend of responsibility and autonomy, and it gave me the chance to make my division stand out through hard work and results. This position has provided me the opportunity to apply real-world skills in a dynamic environment, and the most rewarding thing is that I know I’ll take the lessons I’ve learned in this position with me for the rest of my life.

What have you enjoyed the most from your internship so far?

One of my favorite things about the internship is definitely the other interns I work with. Things can get stressful sometimes, and it’s been great getting to know other interns in the Madison area. Throughout the summer, we’ve become a team and really feel that we can rely on one another—whether it’s borrowing equipment or just hanging out to catch up. It’s also always fun to see interns from other divisions during company trips. Overall, I really love the company culture and the community we’ve built throughout the summer.

Ben Cao EcoWash
Ben at Pressure Washing Training in May

What skills have you learned from your internship so far?

Time management. As a student, I’ve always had to have a planned-out schedule balancing classes, studying, and free time. But in this position, there’s just a lot more to keep track of between communicating with clients, setting up new projects, and planning out the projects I already have. I have to admit, keeping track of everything was pretty difficult early on in the summer, but now I think I’ve gotten pretty good at managing my time.

What are you looking forward to the most?

The company trip to the Wisconsin Dells. I’ve never been, but I keep hearing about how awesome the area is, and I can’t wait to get out there and have a great time.

Congratulations Ben on being our June Employee of the Month! We are really proud of all the success you've had here.


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