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Division Manager

In our interviews, EcoWash gives careful, individual attention to each applicant. We seek to identify young adults who want to lead - individuals who will inspire those around them. 

The DM Internship is designed to expose summer interns to all aspects of business. This opportunity will grow your skills, empower your creativity, and maximize your potential.  

Why become a Division Manager at EcoWash?

A Division Manager Internship is an extremely challenging but rewarding experience. Read more about the experience below. 

"What did you learn from your internship?"

What we look for:

» Willingness to succeed

» Top work ethic
» Positive energy

Other requirements:

» Have a vehicle

» Pursuing a bachelors
» Pass intensive recruitment process

"It was a challenging experience that was very rewarding. It gave me insight into operating a business, dealing with clients, and managing employees." - Jaedon, 2022 Intern

2023 Division Manager Year

April 8th to May 15 part-time and May 16 to August 31 full-time

$16/hr + 10% commission and bonuses

Average sales ($60,000)

Average hourly pay ($24/hr)

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