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EcoWash Environmental Pledge


As an environmentally conscious company, EcoWash strives to be the leader in our industry on sustainability.

2 percent for conservation

We use degradable chemicals in our standard pressure washing services and chemical treatments. Our chemical blend rapidly degrades to become salt and water after use while maintaining its effectiveness as we are performing our services.

House Pressure Wash

We use strictly water-based paints and stains for our painting and staining projects. Compared to oil based stains and paints, water based is substantially more eco-friendly due to the lower amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are toxic to humans and pollute the air while the paint dries. Water-based paints also require no paint thinners for clean up. Paint thinners are extremely toxic and can pollute groundwater and watersheds if disposed of improperly.

stained deck

We train our employees to protect your plants from chemical burns or death by thoroughly watering plants before any chemicals are applied in that area. This prevents plants from absorbing any chemicals that we apply and gives the chemical plenty of time to degrade before interacting with plants around your home.

We use some of the most fuel-efficient gas pressure washers on the market. Our pressure washers are CARB and EPA certified with a compact combustion chamber, overhead cam design, and uniblock construction to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. 

Pressure Washer

We’ve partnered with 2% for conservation and pledged 1% of gross revenue and 1% of company time to environmental conservation charities as well as habitat cleanup and advocacy.

EcoWash Environmental Work

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