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A Guide to Madison, WI and the Suburbs

Updated: Feb 10

Madison, Wisconsin, is more than just the state capital of Wisconsin; it's a vibrant city nestled amidst the rolling hills, beautiful farmland, and picturesque lakes of Dane County. Beyond its city limits lie several charming suburbs, each with its unique character and attractions. Let's take a closer look at Madison and its largest suburbs:


  • Population: 259,680

  • Average Income: $63,179

  • Average House Size: 1,900 sq ft

  • Minutes Drive to Downtown: 0-10 minutes

EcoWash Headquarters
Madison, WI: The Hometown of EcoWash

Madison, the beating heart of Wisconsin, is a dynamic city known for its thriving arts scene, diverse dining options, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this college town offers a lively atmosphere year-round while maintaining itself as a decent place to raise a family.

Fun Fact: Madison is often ranked as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States, with over 200 miles of bike paths and lanes.

Extra Fun Fact: Madison is the hometown of EcoWash and where we remain headquartered today. Check out EcoWash in Madison!

The Suburbs:


  • Population: 21,575

  • Average Income: $72,144

  • Average House Size: 2,300 sq ft

  • Minutes Drive to Downtown: 10-15 minutes

Nestled west of Madison, Middleton combines small-town charm with urban amenities. With its award-winning parks, boutique shops, and excellent dining options, Middleton offers a high quality of life for its residents.

Fun Fact: Middleton is home to the National Mustard Museum, boasting a collection of over 6,000 mustards from around the world.

National Mustard Museum in Middleton


  • Population: 30,600

  • Average Income: $74,376

  • Average House Size: 2,100 sq ft

  • Minutes Drive to Downtown: 10-20 minutes

Located south of Madison, Fitchburg boasts a diverse community and a strong economy. Residents enjoy access to numerous parks, bike trails, and recreational facilities.

Fun Fact: Fitchburg hosts an annual Agora Art Fair, showcasing the work of local artists and craftsmen.

fitchburg welcome sign
Fitchburg, WI

Sun Prairie:

  • Population: 36,146

  • Average Income: $78,610

  • Average House Size: 2,200 sq ft

  • Minutes Drive to Downtown: 15-25 minutes

Just northeast of Madison, Sun Prairie offers a blend of rural tranquility and urban convenience. With top-rated schools and a thriving business district, Sun Prairie attracts families seeking a safe and welcoming community.

Fun Fact: Sun Prairie is known as the birthplace of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


  • Which suburb has the highest average income? Sun Prairie boasts the highest average income among the suburbs listed.

  • Which suburb has the nicest downtown area? Middleton is renowned for its vibrant downtown, featuring quaint shops, restaurants, and cultural venues.

  • Which suburb is best for families? Fitchburg offers a family-friendly environment with excellent schools, recreational facilities, and community events.

  • Which suburb has the lowest property taxes? Sun Prairie typically has lower property taxes compared to other suburbs in the area.

Exploring Madison and its suburbs unveils a tapestry of vibrant communities, each offering its unique allure. Whether you're drawn to the bustling energy of the city or the calmness of suburban life, the Madison area has something to offer for everyone. For the best pressure washing and deck staining services Madison has to offer, get in touch with EcoWash.


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