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The 10 Most Expensive Cities in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, known for its natural beauty, vibrant communities, and strong economy, is home to several cities that boast high living costs. From urban centers to charming suburbs, these cities offer residents a high quality of life, coupled with a hefty price tag. In this article, we'll delve into the 10 most expensive cities in Wisconsin, exploring key statistics, interesting facts, and nearby towns.

Lake Geneva:

  • Population: Approximately 7,651

  • Average Income: $59,745

  • Average House Size: 2,242 sq. ft.

  • Fun Fact: Lake Geneva is often referred to as the "Newport of the West" due to its historic mansions and upscale lifestyle.

  • Nearest Towns: Delavan, Elkhorn, Williams Bay


  • Population: Approximately 24,704

  • Average Income: $109,612

  • Average House Size: 3,183 sq. ft.

  • Fun Fact: Mequon is known for its picturesque landscapes, affluent neighborhoods, and thriving cultural scene.

  • Nearest Towns: Thiensville, Cedarburg, Grafton

Whitefish Bay:

  • Population: Approximately 14,110

  • Average Income: $115,804

  • Average House Size: 2,414 sq. ft.

  • Fun Fact: Whitefish Bay is renowned for its top-rated schools, beautiful lakefront properties, and vibrant community events.

  • Nearest Towns: Shorewood, Fox Point, Glendale

Elm Grove:

  • Population: Approximately 6,216

  • Average Income: $125,722

  • Average House Size: 2,700 sq. ft.

  • Fun Fact: Elm Grove boasts a tranquil atmosphere, tree-lined streets, and a strong sense of community.

  • Nearest Towns: Brookfield, Wauwatosa, New Berlin


  • Population: Approximately 13,338

  • Average Income: $88,573

  • Average House Size: 2,384 sq. ft.

  • Fun Fact: Shorewood is known for its diverse population, walkable neighborhoods, and vibrant arts scene.

  • Nearest Towns: Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee, Glendale

Fox Point:

  • Population: Approximately 6,701

  • Average Income: $118,558

  • Average House Size: 2,660 sq. ft.

  • Fun Fact: Fox Point is home to many affluent residents and offers scenic views of Lake Michigan.

  • Nearest Towns: Bayside, River Hills, Shorewood


  • Population: Approximately 4,462

  • Average Income: $121,397

  • Average House Size: 3,094 sq. ft.

  • Fun Fact: Bayside features luxurious homes, lush green spaces, and easy access to Lake Michigan.

  • Nearest Towns: Fox Point, Glendale, Whitefish Bay


  • Population: Approximately 11,667

  • Average Income: $80,292

  • Average House Size: 2,237 sq. ft.

  • Fun Fact: Cedarburg is known for its historic downtown, charming shops, and annual festivals.

  • Nearest Towns: Grafton, Mequon, Thiensville


  • Population: Approximately 38,015

  • Average Income: $104,811

  • Average House Size: 2,524 sq. ft.

  • Fun Fact: Brookfield is a bustling suburban community with upscale shopping centers, fine dining establishments, and excellent schools.

  • Nearest Towns: Elm Grove, Wauwatosa, New Berlin


  • Population: Approximately 19,162

  • Average Income: $77,411

  • Average House Size: 2,398 sq. ft.

  • Fun Fact: Middleton is often called the "Good Neighbor City" due to its friendly atmosphere and strong sense of community.

  • Nearest Towns: Madison, Cross Plains, Verona

Middleton, WI


Which of these cities is the richest? Elm Grove ranks as the richest city on this list with an average income of $125,722.

Which city has the nicest downtown area? Cedarburg is renowned for its charming historic downtown, featuring quaint shops, restaurants, and galleries.

Which city is considered the best for families? Whitefish Bay is often cited as one of the best cities for families due to its top-rated schools, safe neighborhoods, and family-friendly amenities.

Which city has the lowest property taxes? While property tax rates vary depending on several factors, Cedarburg tends to have relatively lower property taxes compared to other cities on this list. However, it's essential to consider overall property values and services provided by local governments when evaluating property tax burdens.

These 10 cities in Wisconsin offer a glimpse into the state's diverse landscape, affluent communities, and high standard of living. While living costs may be higher in these cities, residents enjoy access to top-notch amenities, excellent schools, and picturesque surroundings. Whether you're drawn to the historic charm of Cedarburg, the lakefront luxury of Whitefish Bay, or the suburban tranquility of Elm Grove, Wisconsin's most expensive cities offer something for everyone seeking a premium lifestyle experience.

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