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Where Can I Buy Deck Stain?

In the Upper Midwest, homeowners have various options for purchasing deck stain, including both well-known national chains and local specialty stores. In this article, we will cover the options available to a typical homeowner, the number of locations per store, the variety of products sold, our opinion on the relative price and quality of their deck staining products, and the best place to shop for deck stain. 

Note: This article was written in 2024 and store location numbers will change with time.

The Home Depot: With a strong presence across the region, Home Depot offers homeowners a wide selection of deck stain options. Boasting numerous locations throughout the Upper Midwest, Home Depot provides convenience and accessibility to customers seeking both budget-friendly and premium-quality stains.

  • Number of Locations: 2,003 in the US; 27 in Wisconsin

  • Price of stain: Average

  • Variety: High

  • Quality Rating: Average

Lowe's: Similar to The Home Depot, Lowe's is a major player in the home improvement retail sector, with numerous stores scattered throughout the Upper Midwest. Homeowners can find a diverse range of deck stain brands and formulations at Lowe's, catering to various preferences and project requirements.

  • Number of Locations: 1,815 in the US; 8 in Wisconsin

  • Price of stain: Average

  • Variety: High

  • Quality Rating: Average

Menards: As a Wisconsin-based chain, Menards holds a significant presence in the region, offering homeowners a selection of deck stain options at competitive prices. With its extensive network of stores, Menards provides accessibility and convenience to customers seeking both affordability and quality.

  • Number of Locations: 336 in the US; 44 in Wisconsin

  • Price of stain: Average/High

  • Variety: High

  • Quality Rating: Average/High

Sherwin Williams: Known for its high-quality paints and stains, Sherwin Williams is a trusted destination for homeowners seeking premium deck stain options. Their commitment to quality and customer service makes them a popular choice among discerning homeowners in the Upper Midwest. Sherwin Williams is the primary supplier of EcoWash for deck staining products and they help train our staff annually. We believe them to have better products than anyone and a fantastic commitment to quality and service.

  • Number of Locations: approx. 4,900 in the US; approx. 60 in Wisconsin

  • Price of stain: High

  • Variety: Medium

  • Quality Rating: Very High

Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck, an EcoWash favorite

Hallman Lindsay: A regional paint and coatings supplier, Hallman Lindsay operates stores primarily in Wisconsin. While they may have a smaller footprint compared to national chains, Hallman Lindsay's focus on local communities and expertise in paint and stain products make them a valuable resource for homeowners seeking personalized service and quality products.

  • Number of Locations: 27 in the US; 27 in Wisconsin

  • Price of stain: High

  • Variety: Low/Medium

  • Quality Rating: Average

Online Retailers: With the convenience of e-commerce, homeowners can also purchase deck stains from online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, or specialty websites dedicated to home improvement products. While online shopping offers convenience and accessibility, homeowners should factor in shipping costs, which can be high, and delivery times, which can be long, when making their purchasing decisions.

What store has the best deck stain?

In our opinion, Sherwin Williams is the winner for the highest-quality deck stain. Their product lasts a long time, waterproofs well, and holds up to weather and foot traffic over time.

What store has the cheapest deck stain?

The cheapest deck stain will likely come from a low-end Menards, Lowes, or Home Depot product. Due to the business model prioritizing a large variety of products, these stores will all have cheaper, low-end products in stock.

What store has the best value deck stain?

When comparing the cost of the deck stain to the relative cost of application and frequency (assuming your time is worth $30 an hour), a high-end stain is a better value. Lower-end stains are cheaper upfront but will need more regular application. In general, the application costs more than the stain, making the stain something worth investing in. Sherwin Williams deck stain wins this one for us for the same reasons mentioned above.

Homeowners in the Upper Midwest have a variety of options for purchasing deck stain, ranging from national chains like The Home Depot and Lowe's to regional suppliers like Sherwin Williams and Hallman Lindsay, as well as local hardware stores and online retailers. By exploring these different options and considering factors such as product quality, pricing, and customer service, homeowners can find the right deck stain to protect and enhance their outdoor living spaces. If you are looking for expert advice or help with your deck staining project, get in touch with EcoWash.


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