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What is the Point of having my Concrete Driveway Sealed?

Concrete sealing is an important service on the exterior concrete all around your home, especially your driveway. In this article we will cover the four main purposes of concrete sealing and why you may want EcoWash to seal your driveway or patio this summer.

The four main purposes of concrete sealing

  1. Protection from oil, grease, dirt, and salt

  2. Protection from freeze-thaw cycles

  3. Preserves the look of your concrete over the long term

  4. Affordability and long-lasting results

Protection from oil, grease, dirt, and salt

Concrete surfaces, especially driveways, get beaten up over time. Constant spills of oil and grease from parked vehicles or grills, salt to melt ice during the winter, and dirt accumulation from the surrounding environment can wear out the surface of the concrete and either make it look less desirable or damage the material. Concrete is a porous surface; salt can damage the chemical bonds within the surface and open more pores. As more pores open, more salty water can enter the surface and lead to spalling or other forms of damage. Protection from a seal coat will clog the pores and prevent intrusion from water, dirt, or oil. Having these unwelcome elements on the surface of the concrete will make them significantly easier to remove and can completely prevent deep instrusions of oil which can be nearly impossible to remove. Read more about oil removal from concrete here.

Protection from freeze-thaw cycles

Here in the Upper Midwest, we see a large variation in temperatures throughout the year. Freeze-thaw cycles can really damage concrete over its lifetime. As water penetrates the porous surface, that water may freeze and expand, leading to cracking or crumbling concrete. This can be avoided with proper sealing as the water will not penetrate the surface and will instead run off the surface.

Sealing will not fix existing cracking issues as those may be from a poor concrete mixture or stress cracking that is common due to substrate below the concrete moving over time. These issues may require concrete to be replaced.

Preserves the look of your concrete over time

Sealing your concrete will prevent it from accumulating dirt in the pores which will avoid a dirty, darkened look and organic matter growth. Algae, weeds, and mold need organic matter to grow and if they cannot find dirt to grow on your concrete they will not be able to take hold. This preservation of looks can avoid constant pressure washing work being required to keep your concrete looking new and maintained. Read more about pressure washing concrete here.

Affordability and long-lasting results

Concrete sealing can be a fairly inexpensive service, especially when added to an existing pressure washing project. This is not only affordable on its own but it can prevent you from more often pressure washing which will cost you both time and money to get done.

Concrete sealers vary in how long they can last, with many lasting between two and five years. At EcoWash we recommend getting the service done every two or three years to keep up the benefits long-term.

At EcoWash we take pride in our work and are excited to maintain your property over the long term. To get in touch with one of our knowledgeable, local professionals, please request an estimate here.


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