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Most Popular Deck Stain Colors of 2024

Deck stains come in a huge variety of colors and transparencies with their own unique benefits and uses. In this article we will cover the 3 most popular deck stain transparencies in 2024 and the two most popular colors per transparency. 

In 2024, semi-transparent and solid will continue to top the charts for most popular stain transparencies with semi-solid being a rising star.


Known for showing the beauty of the wood grain underneath it, semi-transparent stain will remain a winner in the deck stain transparency popularity contest. It is ideal for well-maintained decks and can provide excellent protection and waterproofing. 

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Waterborne Semi-Transparent SuperDeck

Color: English Walnut (SW 3574)

English Walnut is a beautiful color with a darker appearance. This darker appearance should help assist in hiding dirt or defects in the wood. However, this darker appearance could lead to a hot surface for bare feet on a warm summer day. 

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Waterborne Semi-Transparent SuperDeck

Color: Banyan Brown (SW 3522)

Banyan Brown is an extremely popular color with our customers in Madison, WI. We see this color coming in and out of our warehouses in the area very regularly. Banyan Brown is a lighter color and will provide less hide for dirt but a cooler surface on a hot summer’s day.


Ideal for decks that need extra protection, solid stain is a very common covering for older decks. Solid stain can be applied on top of any other type of stain and will last a long time. Solid stain will peel as it ages which can be a downside to this specific product.

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Waterborne Solid SuperDeck

Color: tie between Mission Brown (SW 3072) and Lodge Brown (SW 3007)

Both Mission Brown and Lodge Brown are darker colors and are very popular with homeowners in the upper Midwest. Due to their darker appearance, this will lead to a hot surface for you and your pets to walk on. Despite this, they look excellent on a deck and will provide lasting protection.

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Waterborne Solid SuperDeck

Color: Stone (SW 3079)

Stone is an excellent, lighter color for a deck. One thing to note from experience- be careful about the contrast difference between this and the existing stain on your deck. If you have a darker stain on there and put Stone on top, it may appear white in contrast during the application. 


Semi-solid is a rising star in the deck staining industry and a personal favorite of our team. This splits the middle between semi-transparent and solid and provides the beauty of a semi-solid with a little bit more protection, although not as much as a solid.

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Waterborne Semi-Solid SuperDeck

Color: Hawthorne (SW 3518 SS)

Hawthorne is the author's favorite color in semi-solid and the stain used on his deck. This color is a nice, moderately dark color and will evenly balance the dark finish many homeowners desire with an appropriate temperature on hot summer days. 

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Waterborne Solid SuperDeck

Color: Chestnut (SW 3524 SS)

Chestnut is a darker color and is quite popular and beautiful. If you are a homeowner with a newer deck looking for a good stain to use, this might be it due to the protection it provides and its ability to conceal dirt. However, we do not recommend using this stain on a south-facing deck due to temperature concerns.

All in all, semi-solid, solid, and semi-transparent are the winners in 2024. English Walnut, Banyan Brown, Stone, Mission Brown, Lodge Brown, Hawthorne, and Chestnut will be the most popular colors in 2024.

If you are a homeowner looking for a trustworthy home maintenance contractor, reach out to EcoWash today.


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