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Homeowner's Guide


Carpentry is needed as a preparation step for many deck staining and fence staining projects. 

What sort of carpentry work does EcoWash do?


EcoWash does a variety of non-structural carpentry projects. Examples include deck floor board replacements, righting of leaning fence sections, and deck railing repairs. 


We can do some occasional structural work if it is fairly minimal and the deck is otherwise in good condition. Examples would be filling in holes in decks left by the removal of a hot tub and/or strengthening and reinforcing existing stairs or joists. We will not replace existing joists and we recommend hiring a deck construction business for that sort of work. 


We have experienced carpenters on staff and our carpentry division does work in all cities where we do business.


How much does carpentry cost?


Carpentry work can cost as little as $250 for a small project, such as board replacements. Larger projects range in price but we generally will not take on work larger than $5,000. Our quotes are up-front and will not change without customer approval. Our prices are remarkably fair and tend to be similar, if not cheaper, than other carpenters. 


Why should I have EcoWash do my carpentry project?


We will take on projects much smaller than other carpenters, as small as a single board replacement. We have fair pricing and an experienced staff that will travel to your home. We give up-front pricing on our work with no hidden fees or gimmicks. On top of this, we arrange our scheduling with the staff doing any staining/painting work to get the scheduling done right, avoiding back-and-forth between multiple companies and getting work done much more quickly than a typical subcontracted project.

Board Replacement Deck
Carpentry on Deck

Mequon, WI

Roscoe, IL

Hot tub hole in deck
Deck Floor Repair
Stained Deck

Necedah, WI. Hot tub floor board and joist replacement project with board feathering and 2 coats of deck stain.

Deck Repair

Middleton, WI

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